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Rain Forest Animals


Definitions of the wild life animals that live in the rain forests all around us.

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1.these animals like to groom each other to show affectionate
4.these small insects will one day give their country freedom from the humnas
6.this amphibian can grow up to 16 feet when it slithers on the ground
7.this animal likes to perch in trees to spot their prey
8.This striped animal may look cute and cuddly but its not what you think it is
1.This bumpy animal has strong, sharp teeth that is great for sinking its teeth into its prey
2.This small amphibian may look delicate but it's very deadly with it's poisonous skin
3.this animal likes to coil itself around trees with its head down to spot its pery
4.This animal grabs hold of its victims then squeezes its chest bit by bit till it can no longer breathe
5.when this animal feels threatened it puffs up its feathers and raise their crest feathers

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