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Angelo Galatis 7T

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1.Fail to hit ,reach or come in contact with something that is aimed at.
3.Actually existing and legit .
4.To pass away.
7.A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the earths atmosphere near the earth surface.
10.An exact copy of a document made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data.
11.To posses ,own or hold and object ,Thought ,Business etc.
12.To cross over or move by someone or something .
13.To divide in two parts that are equal in size or similar in size.
16.A shocking/effortless performance.
18.Express warm approval or admiration of.
21.Make or become less.
22.To Make a deep in articulating sound conveying pain or pleasure .
23.Aversion who is invited to visit someones house or attend a particular social event .
24.To be successful or victorious in a contest or conflict.
26.Out and away from a starting point .
28.Gone by time and no longer exists .
30.Flow rapidly in a steady stream.
31.Interrupt action or speech briefly .
32.One quarter .
33.A large group of hoofed animals.
1.Formed by putting parts together or combing substances.
2.A natural or synthetic substance used to add colour to something.
3.A cylinder which wire ,thread or other flexible materials that can be wound up onto.
5.A animals foot having claws and pads usually cats and dogs.
6.The son of the king .
8.A thing that is knowen or proved to be true.
9.A foot operated throttle usually on a bicycle our leg operated machine .
12.Try to sell something especially small goods.
14.To address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.
15.A female domestic servant.
17.To create a hard copy of something that is desired on a mechanical device.
19.To have increased in size.
20.The smallest whole number/unit.
21.A period of learning or teaching .
25.More than one person possessing a single object ,memories ,Ideas etc.
27.Be told or informed .
28.to hunt and kill for food.
29.A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 min.

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