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Lessons 1-7 Review


1 2   3        
5 6       7
8             9      
  11   12                      
  16 17                    
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2.show what things have in common
4.is the person (animal, object or fantastical being) that tells the story
6.the "something happens" part of a story - the events in a story
8.comparing two things using like or as
9.look for specific words when reading
12.using clues in the text to understand an unfamiliar word
13.what the passage is about
17.who the author chooses to tell the story
19.point of view uses a narrator who is not a character in the story
21.hints of the things to come
22.show how things are different
23.an educated guess, using the passage to make an educated guess
24.the author's message - must be true for anyone, anywhere, any time
1.a problem that extends throughout the story
3.the general atmosphere of the story
5.where and when a story takes place
7.simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole and idioms
8.the pattern of literary devices an author uses over time - how an author writes
10.the attitude the author writes with
11.people, animals or creatures in a story
14.the "good guy"
15.comparing to things by saying they are the other
16.point of view when a character inside of the story is the narrator
18.the " bad guy"
20.guess what will happen next

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