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Supernatural Episode 1.12

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, Names & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.12 - Faith

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5.Name of the protester outside the faith healer's tent.
6.What was Sue Ann clutching when she summoned the reaper?
7.The old man in black that Dean saw when he was healed was a
8.What happened to Dean that put him in the hospital?
11.Who was controlling the reaper?
12.What happened to a 27 year old guy at the same time that Dean was healed
16.What is Layla's illness
17.What kind of structure was the faith healer conducting his services in?
19.What are Sam & Dean hunting at the beginning of the episode?
20.What dates back to the early Christian era right, when some priests were still using magic.
1.Dean: Hey, you better take care of that ___. Or, I swear, I'll haunt your ass.
2.According to Sue Ann "A ___ is what happened."
3.What time was the clock stuck on?
4.What are Sam & Dean using for weapons at the beginning of the episode?
9.Name of the faith healer in Nebraska (first & last)
10.What one of John's friends told Sam about the "specialist" in Nebraska?
13.Layla's last name
14.DEAN: "Ok, we cant kill Roy, we can't kill death. Any bright ideas ____ ___?"
15.Where does Sam find the candlelit alter?
18.What does Dean say he is going to do for Layla?

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