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Rit word

marque dotson

1 2 3      
4 5                
8                         9
12       13  
14       15                    
16   17            
18   19                    
21         22  

2.useing like or as
5.you can find it in a waiting room to read
6.Ex grouchy grumpy
8.comes after the climax
10.why the effect happens
14.the way the aouther writes a paragrah
15.when the writer creats a mental picture in words
17.scoby doo let find a ... ?
18.3 little pigs
20.in the bfg what is the ... of the story
21.It raining cat & dogs
23.when you wrte the same paragrph again
24.Ex Jack and the beanstalk
1.Giving a nonliving thing a human chrait
3.the oppistie of what you think
4.bloody mary is conciderd as ... ?
7.a goup of simalr things
9.gym is a ... in school
11.sea of monsters is a movie and a book
12.in the back of your assign notebook
13.a body of wrting used in any subject ?
16.a incomplte sentence
19.in gmail you hit ... to write
22.the way some thing is arangd or set out

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