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Lesson 6 Part 3

Melanie Rasmussen

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    3 4 5 6
10     11                    

7.Found on the insert tab, and quick parts command.
8.A customized tool you add to your page that promps person using documents and insert data.
9.Provide assurances about the validity and authenticity of digital signature.
11.Used to create and store content.
12.To add global protections to an entire template.
13.One of the standardized templates you can find in Word 2010.
14.Document to only be read.
15.Used to create a template, while using a pre-designed elements found on the insert tab, text group, quick parts command.
1.To authenticate digital information such as a document, e-mail messages, and macros by using cryptography.
2.To control the type of editing that can be done to the format content of a document.
3.Ribbon that can insert shapes, symbols, and paragraph dummy.
4.Limits editing rights
5.A file extension for a template that does not allow macrosos.
6.Used to add drop down list box and allows other entries, a content control.
10.A file extension for a template that allows macros.

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