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Geography Definitions

Bazi maryo

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4.A region having little rainfall because it is sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by a range of hills. (2 Words)
6.A simple slow-growing plant that typically forms a low crustlike, leaflike, or branching growth on rocks, walls, and trees.
10.A mass of rocks and sediment carried down and deposited by a glacier, typically as ridges at its edges or extremity.
12.The various mechanical and chemical processes that cause exposed rock to decompose.
14.A thick subsurface layer of soil that remains frozen throughout the year, occurring chiefly in Polar Regions.
15.A rock or boulder that differs from the surrounding rock and is believed to have been brought from a distance by glacial action.
19.Is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. (2 Words)
20.A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, typically formed by submergence of a glaciated valley.
21.A dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure.
22.The process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents.
23.Solid rock underlying loose deposits such as soil or alluvium.
1.A luxuriant, dense forest rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall. (2 Words)
2.Wet muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body.
3.The area of seabed around a large landmass where the sea is relatively shallow compared with the open ocean. (2 Words)
5.The zone, at high altitudes or high latitudes, beyond which no trees grow. (2 Words)
7.A swamp.
8.The sometimes swampy coniferous forest of high northern latitudes
9.(of a rock formation) be broken by a fault or faults.
11.A biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches, is the world's largest terrestrial biome. (2 Words)
13.Of or relating to the structure of the earth's crust and the large-scale processes that take place within it.
16.A slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains or near the poles.
17.a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe, the subsoil is permanently frozen.
18.is generally a large area of exposed Precambrian crystalline igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks that form tectonically stable areas. (2 Words)

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