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Ch. 13-14 Crossword

1   2                 3 4 5
  8   9 10            
16 17        
18                     19 20

1.presidential acknowledgement of a country and its government
6.Postponement of the execution of a sentence
7.President is the leader of the political party that controls the executive branch.
10.A blanket pardon offered to a group of law violators
11.President is ceremonial head of the United States, the symbol of all the people of the nation
12.President can reject specific dollar amounts thus reducing spending.
13.Legal forgiveness of a crime
15.Election in which a party's voters select a candidate to run for President.
18.President's ability to remove appointed positions
21.Group of people chosen by each state to formally elect the president.
22.Routine international agreement that does not need Senate approval.
23.President shapes the congressional agenda; architect of public policy
24.President is director of the Federal Government
25.President is architect of America's foreign policy.
2.President works for and represents the public interest.
3.Representation based on population of the group.
4.Presidential assignment of many top-ranked offices in the government
5.The power to reduce (commute) the length of a sentence or fine for a crime
8.Whoever wins the popular vote in a state gets all the electoral votes.
9.Answers the question and sets the procedures for presidential disability.
14.Meeting at which electors cast their votes to select a candidate.
16.international agreements that require Senate approval.
17.President is head of the armed forces of the United States
19.President has broad powers in domestic and foreign affairs
20.Executive orders, have the force of law
23.Mercy or leniency used only in cases involving federal crimes.

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