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Unit 6 Vocab Crossword

Nathan Barge

1 2 3              
4                       5
8     9                    
      10 11

2.Conflict between Britain & China over the illegal trade of an addicting drug or narcotic
4.A dependent political region secured and /or defended by a superior power or political authority
6.A group of countries or nations joined together within an alliance or league
7.Love for or devotion to one’s country
8.The idea that governments should not regulate or interfere with industries and businesses
12.Adding a region to the territory of an existing political unit
13.Control over internal matters granted to the people of a province or colony by a government
15.The act of freeing someone from restraint, control or slavery
16.Historical period in Japan when Emperor Mutsuhito restored the power of the traditional monarch
1.Policy, proposed by the U.S. in 1899, allowing all nations to have equal opportunities to trade
3.A formal public announcement or declaration by a monarch or government
5.Principals of law or strict procedures established through past experiences or decisions
9.To withdraw from a political or religious organization
10.The British controlled areas of India between 1757-1947
11.Dutch name for a colonial farmer in South Africa
14.Refusal to work in order to force an employer to meet certain standards

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