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Grade 5 - Term 3 - Vocabulary words

Waleed Snoussi

Al Maarifa International Private School - Sharjah

2           3
5           6          
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2.(v) to move around in a busy way
5.(n) enthusiasm; very strong feelings about something
6.(v) to make a hole or cut in something with a sharp object
7.(n) a sudden feeling of great fear
8.(adj) happy because of something good you have done
9.(adj) that is easy to carry or to move
13.(adj) in which there is a lot of sudden change, confusion
15.(adj) feeling that everything is moving and that you are going to fall
17.(n) a short journey made for pleasure
18.(v) to search a place or a thing thoroughly = comb
19.(n) it is the conclusion you reach after considering a situation
20.(adj) suitable, acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances
21.(adj) extremely clean and tidy
1.(v) to make an unpleasant feeling less severe and less painful
3.(adj) very small in size or quantity; not enough
4.(v) to stick out from a place or a surface
5.(adj) for something: changing often and suddenly / for people: often changing their mind in an unreasonable way so that you cannot rely on them
9.(n) a high pointed piece of rock, especially at the top of a mountain
10.(adj) valuable or important and not to be wasted
11.(adj) useful or suitable
12.(adj) very lonely and sad
14.(v) to move around a particular place
16.(adj) noisy and full of life and energy

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