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MSITA Lesson 6 Vocab

Michael Jordt

Learn about the vocabulary words in this lesson.

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2.something that you can set and change to effect features
4.the extension for a template without macros
7.a document where editing has been restricted
8.control to edit the type of editing that can be done
11.where you can create, store, and find reusable content
13.let you view and work with data in your application
14.makes your presentation read only
1.where you change the security of your document
3.to limit access to a document, password required
4.a ribbon you can add to help make macros
5.Reusable pieces of content that are stored
6.command to make a document read only
9.tab where you can put illustrations and other items into a document
10.help you automate frequently used tasks
12.the extension for a template including macros

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