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1 2 3
  4   5          
        8 9        
    10             11
12       13              

5.a way of behaving which a particular group or society has had for a long time
7.the act or occasion of doing something enjoyable because something good has happened or because it is a special day
8.to say yes to something or to agree to something
10.the customs, ideas, civilization, etc. of a particular society or group of people
12.looking after guests and being friendly and welcoming towards them
14.the feeling that you have when you admire or have a very high opinion of somebody
1.having a very pleasant taste
2.the knowledge or skill that you get from seeing or doing something
3.including people of many different races, languages, religions and customs
4.unpleasant; insulting
6.to make cloth, etc. by passing threads under and over a set of threads that is fixed to a framework (loom) woven cloth
9.polite and pleasant
11.to propose a plan or idea for sb to discuss or consider
13.to ask sb to come somewhere or to do something

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