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lesson 6 Part 3

Sammy Mena

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1.Places restrictions on the ability to change the document
4.The building blocks organizer is found here
6.Items that can be placed in a document are found on this tab
8.Word macro-Enabled template
9.Authenticates digital information such as documents, e-mail, and macros
10.Word template
12.Allow who can open, copy, or change a document
14.Tab in which Content Controls may be found
15.Allows a document to be read but not edited
2.Enables ability to open document without keyword
3.Pre-designed elements
5.Text boxs and word art can be found on this tab
7.Disables typing, editing commands, and proofing marks
11.Allow you to insert titles and tags on content control
13.Some templates are enabled to have these

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