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Chapter 4 Review

Mr. Skinkle

2       3
4   5 6  
10                     11        
  12   13  
18         19        
      20               21

2.The amount of matter that makes up an object?
7.This form of energy is in objects that have the ability to fall? (2 Words)
8.The input force is also called this force?
10.All of the parts that combine to make up a system?
11.This force is what is applied to the machine?
14.This type of force acts on an object by not making direct contact with it? (4 Words)
16.For it to be considered work, the force needs to cause the object to do this?
18.This is measured in Newtons?
20.When calculating force of gravity, the mass has to be in this unit?
22.The ability to do work?
23.When calculating work, the distance needs to be in this unit?
24.This type of system is made of moving parts?
1.This law states that energy is not created or destroyed, it is only transferred from one object to another or one form to another? (5 Words)
3.This force is what the machine applies to the object?
4.When calculating IMA, this force is removed from the formula?
5.The form of energy in an object that is stored to be used at a later time?
6.The amount by which a machine can multiple an input force? (2 Words)
9.Friction is an example of this type of force?
12.A bus schedule is an example of this type of system? (2 Words)
13.This form of energy is in objects that are in motion?
15.A push or pull that acts on an object?
17.This type of non contact force affects the weight of an object?
19.This type of energy is produced when work is done by friction?
21.An object with an IMA of less than 1 is used to increase this?

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