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Lesson6 part3

1 2     3            
    4 5 6
        7   8
12               13

2.Building blocks are found on what kind of tab
9.To create items in a Drop Down List Content Control use
11.Digital signatures authenticate digital information such as documents, e-mail messages, and macros by using computer cryptography
12.For a template which allows Macros
14.individual controls that you can add and customize for use in templates,
15.added by going to File, Options, Customize Ribbon, Developer
1.Any one can copy or change your document.
3.To limit access by requiring a password
4.Pre-designed elements
5.To make a document Read Only
6.For a template without macros
7.Used to control the type of editing that can be done to format or content of a document
8.Used so that no changes are made
10.Part that is quick
13.Stores key strokes so they can be accesed later by using a shortcut ket

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