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lose weight


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  3 4   5     6       7
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1.What did sugar replace since the 1970's
3.Fiber in fruit slows down this process of digestion
8.How does sugar make the body
9.Passing loose stools (side effect of steroids)
10.Take fat away from food and it tastes like this
13.Steroids can increase this cholesterol leading to heart disease
16.Sugar and HFCS both contain this
17.Male body part that shrinks with steroid use
18.Sugar increases this hormone that can fuel cancer
20.How do people get anabolic steroids?
21.Methods to take steroids are injection, oral and this
22.High fructose corn syrup is the same as which food source?
1.Fruit contains substance
2.Hours to recover naturally from weight training session
4.Steroids promotes muscle growth and prevents muscles to
5.What disease is caused from sugar
6.Assistant to the muscles this body part weakens with steroids
7.Steroids are illegal with a consequence of
11.Mental effect of steroids
12.After a workout, consmune this nutrient 30 minutes after
14.Withdrawal effect from getting off steroids
15.There are insulin receptors on cancer cells that grow from this
16.People first got their fructose tform this food
19.Organ that can grow tumors from steroid use
23.Skin side effect of steroids include

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