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Ten Commandments #2

Pastor C. Schopp

All answers can be found in Luther's Small Catechism

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2.1st - Explanation: We should fear, love and ___ in God above all things
5.3rd - Explanation: We should hold it ____ and gladly hear and learn it
8.8th: You shall not give ___ ____ against your neighbor
12.10th: You shall not covet... ___ that belongs to your neighbor
15.7th - Explanation: We should help him to ___ and protect his possessions
17.5th - Explanation: We should help and ____him in every physical need
18.9th: You shall not covet your neighbor's ____
20.5th: You shall not ____
1.7th: You shall not ____
3.9th - Explanation: We should help and be of service to him in ____ it
4.1st: You shall have no other ___
6.3rd: Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it ___
7.4th: ___ your father and mother
9.6th: You shall not commit ___
10.4th - Explanation: We should ___ and obey them, love and cherish them
11.8th - Explanation: We should explain everything in the ___ way
13.2nd - Explanation: We should call upon it in every ____
14.10th - Explanation: We should urge them to stay and do their ___
16.2nd: You shall not ___ the name of the LORD your God
19.6th - Explanation: We should lead a sexually ___ and decent life

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