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Chapters 7 & 8

Mr. Tray

1 2 3 4
5                                         6  
    12   13
14                           15  

5.the term referring to various effective, natural, and moral methods for achieving or postponing pregnancy.
8.the Blessed Virgin Mary's yes to the Lord, which demonstrated her faithful obedience to God's will
9.the greek term for understanding and sacrificial love; the type of love with which God loves us
10.the scriptural imagery using the earthly understanding of marriage to convey the power and fidelity of God's love for humans and Christ's love for the Church
14.a Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical on human life. it is most famous for its clear and definitive teaching in why contraception is immoral and sinful, explaining that it separates the sexual act from one of its intrinsic purposes: procreation
16.actions of genital stimulation with a person of the same sex. According to the Catechism they are intrinsically disordered and contrary to the natural law.
17.a letter written by the pope, normally addressed to the bishops of the world, usually intended to teach or clarify a doctrine of the Faith
18.strong feelings of curiosity or attraction often rooted in the physical appearance and apparent mystery of another person. when one truly gets to know someone, infatuation can grow into love or disappear altogether
20.the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure
21.every action before, during, or after sexual intercourse that deliberately attempts to impede the procreative potential.
1.the overall study of man and what it means to be a human person
2.the sacrament of Marriage as it was in the beginning- the original revelation of God's love in the world
3.love that is committed. that commitment guides all other actions. you keep your promises once you have made them, no matter how your feelings may change
4.the loving embrace of a married couple through sexual intercourse, in which they become one flesh. t he scriptures teach that this union prefigures the total communion we will have with God in heaven
6.the law or purpose that God has written naturally into the hearts, minds, and bodies of men and women
7.placing oneself "under the mission" of another
11.normally refers to the general method of preventing pregnancy through various ways of altering or changing the body's natural state of fertility into a state of infertility
12.the attraction that a man or woman has to a member of the same sex. the homosexual inclination is disordered but not sinful in and of itself, since it is not freely chosen
13.love that is not controlled or manipulated by another person or by a disordered desire. No one is forcing you to love. You love freely because you want to
15.love that is life-giving, because it is free, total, and faithful. it is open to procreation in the physical realm and is life-giving in the spiritual and emotional realm as well
19.love without strings attached that holds nothing back. in total love, you make a gift of yourself to another- total self donation.

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