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msita-lesson 2

jerwayne johnson

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6   7  
8   9                

4.Fills space with randomized text. (2 Words)
9.Used to pick a desired date for the Date Picker
10.Allows users to use bold, italics, and multiple paragraphs (2 Words)
12.Areas that you can save information that will be replace later
13.To edit the font styles (2 Words)
1.is how you control the document
2.To add a space for the user to insert a graphic image (3 Words)
3.To add a drop down list box that allows the user to key entries not on the list (2 Words)
5.backstage view (2 Words)
6.Displays a calendar on which the user will click on a desired date (2 Words)
7.To add or edit Content Controls use this tab (2 Words)
8.To insert a paragraph of dummy text to hold space for an actual paragraph to by keyed.
11.Will display the following words: Click here to insert text (2 Words)

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