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alyssa's crossword

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5 6           7      

1.Figures such as lines, rectangles, block arrows, equation shapes, flowcharts, stars and banners, and callouts that you can add to your document or drawing campus.  -1 
3.A feature within MS Word that creates decorative effects with a string of text.
6.An image capture of the entire current display on your computer screen.
8.An invisible, formatted box in which you can insert and position text and/or graphic objects.
10.An image capture of only a part of your computer screen that you have selected.
2.graphical illustrations available within word from a list of various categories
4.Discards all the formatting changes that you made to a picture, including changes to contrast, color, brightness, and style.
5.a picture or other object inserted into a document by creating a connect
7.The process of increasing or decreasing an original picture's height and width by the same percentage.
9.a sentence or other text displayed within a box on the page for emphasis and for eas

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