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Creatures of the River vocabulary


Creatures that lives in a river.

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1.Possibly the hardest word in the puzzle, shoots water at bugs to eat them, name starts with a C and ends with a Y.
4.Looks like a dog, very famous, Robin Hood was based off of this animal!
6.Enemies of Dogfish, eats scraps left over.
9.Biggest bear of North America, eats salmon and berries.
1.Related to lobster, lives beneath rocks.
2.Meanest of the turtles, mistaken for rocks, can easily bite off a finger.
3.Colorful birds, a king at fishing.
5.Cows of the rivers and oceans, peaceful and lazy.
7.Long, orange beaks that pluck fish out've the river, name starts with an H and ends in N.
8.Like the seal of the lakes and rivers, eats fish.

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