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Documents 1: Letters

Durham College - OFAD

This crossword puzzle will help you identify various parts of a business letter.

1 2 3
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5.If a letter has no punctuation, it is known as ________ punctuation.
6.Leave all margins at ____inch when keying a letter unless otherwise specified
7.If I stapled a picture to the letter, I would use this notation:
11.The only difference between the two types of letters is the position of the________, complimentary closing, and writer’s block.
12.An example of a complimentary closing would be _____________.
14.Letters are used to communicate with people __________the organization.
16.If you wrote the letter, you do not need to include ______________.
17.There are two types of business letters, block and _________block.
1.Use a _____tab when creating a modified block letter.
2.A block letter has all parts aligned to the _____margin
3.June 16, 2018 is an example of a_________.
4.Always include the person’s _________________in the address block.
8.An _______________is who the letter is going to.
9.Mixed punctuation includes a _________after Dear Ms. Smith.
10.The greeting is also known as the___________.
13.A copy notation includes a ______________ c and no punctuation.
15.The writer’s block is who the letter is________.

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