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7th grade vocabulary

Ms. Thomas

First semester vocabulary

1   2                     3
4                         5      
7               8    
    9 10   11            
12                                 13
  16 17        
18           19              
22             23
24                   25                  
  26 27                          
  28                     29        

1.a four sided figure
4.the way to prove a proportion is equal
5.the average of the data set
7.a 3D figure containing two circular bases and a rectangle
10.a type of bar graph where the intervals are even
12.a 3d figure with Length, Width, and Height
14.the number of units needed to fill a container
15.a quadrilateral with one pair pf parallel sides
19.part of a whole
20.a figure with opposite sides congruent and four right angles
21.a figure with all sides and angles congruent
24.equal to
25.statement of equality between two ratios
27.a figure with opposite sides parallel and congruent
28.goin down
29.the difference between the least and greatest data values
30.a plot where data is ordered from least to greatest
31.a type of graph that groups alot of data together
2.distance a number is from zero
3.having the same shape but not the same size
6.a foldable representation of a 3D figure
8.a drawing that represents a larger model
9.shows data as part of a whole
11.used to represent very large or small numbers
13.the middle number in a data set
16.the number of units needed to cver a figure
17."out of 100" or times 100
18.a parallelogram having four congruent sides
22.a number that is less than one
23.shows changes over time
26.the number that appears the most in a data set

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