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Water Vocabulary Crossword

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1.A widely spread source of pollution that can't be tied to a specific point.
7.A specific source of pollution that can be identified.
8.Rain or another form of precipitation that is more acidic than normal
9.Water rises up a well because of pressure in an aquifer.
10.The practice of using less of a resource so that it will not be used up.
11.The process of passing water through a series of screens that allows water through but not solid particles.
15.The amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of a certain mass of a substance by one degree Celsius.
17.When gas/vapor molecules lose energy and condense to form a liquid.
22.The substance that does the dissolving.
23.The layer of rocks and soil above the water table.
25.The process by which molecules at the surface of a liquid absorb enough energy to change into a gas.
26.The process by which nutrients build up in a lake.
27.Water cannot pass through easily.
30.A measurement of substances in water besides water molecules.
32.Chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops
34.Water that flows over the ground rather than soaking into the ground.
35.Any underground layer of rock or sediment that holds water.
37.The amount of one substance in a certain volume of another substance.
38.A long period of scarce rainfuall
39.The land area that that supplies water to a river system.
2.The combined force of attraction between water molecules and molecules of surrounding materials.
3.Water that fills the cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers.
4.Water can pass through easily.
5.The process of supplying water to areas of land to make them suitable for growing crops.
6.The many small streams that come together at the source of a river.
12.The process by which water is given off through leaves of a plant as water vapor.
13.Water that falls to Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
14.The combined level of calcium and magnesium in a sample of water.
16.A molecule that has electrically charged ends.
18.The area of permeable rock or soil that is totally filled with water.
19.The tightness across the surface of water that is caused by the polar molecules pulling on one another.
20.The addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or the living things that depend on water.
21.Obtaining freshwater from saltwater.
24.The top of the saturated zone.
28.Groundwater that flows to the surface.
29.The streams and smaller rivers that feed into a main river.
31.An area of land that is covered with a shallow layer of water during some or all of the year.
32.The substances that cause pollution.
33.A mixture formed when one substance dissolves another.
36.A ridge of land that separates one watershed from another.

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