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Code Stroke

Mike M

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6.Who mixes the tPA up
9.What changes when a patients converts to hemorrahagic stroke
11.The dose should not exceed ________mg
12.Amount of tPA given in the bolus
13.What needs to be documented.________well time
15.the Stroke-tPA_________ record is use to document the infusion and vitals during tPA infusion
17.Medication given when tPA is not given
18.A patient must be ≥ _______ to receive tPA
19.a 50ml _________ of .9ns is given after tPA has infused.
20.The unit in which a patient receiving tPA has to be admitted
21.tPA is based on the patients
1.Who makes the decision to call a "CODE STROKE"
2.How often should vitals be done during infusion of tPA
3.What the patient diet is durinh tPA infusion
5.What bed side test need to be completed on patient
7.One the leading causes of stroke
8.Who can administer tPA
10.The amount of time the tPA dose needs to run over.
11.The schale used asses a strke patient.
14.How fast can the bolus be given
16.When should the CT be done

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