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Critical Nouns and Verbs


1 2   3           4 5
6       7         8          
12               13                    
15     16   17 18   19
    20                   21              
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      24 25                                  
28     29                  
  32         33             34    
35           36         37            
      39   40          
    41                 42      
  43                 44              
45               46            

2.knowledge on which to base a belief
6.find differences
9.find value; judge
10.a section of a poem
11.outline; follow the course of
12.the art of writing or speaking effectively
13.express clearly
20.explain the meaning of
21.arrange; classify
24.figures of speech used to make meaning clearer
26.words in a row with the same initial consonant sound
27.set apart
29.tell the facts, details
30.find likenesses
31.to reach a conclusion from the information you have; deduce
32.take or pull out
33.combine to form a more complex product
35.summing up of an argument
37.break something down into its parts
40.a direct comparison using "like" or "as"
41.saying something "is" something else
44.a similarity between like features of two things
45.a reason or set of reasons that something is true
46.put forth; to say
1.organization of a text
3.put together
4.the association that a word brings to mind
5.tell in your own words
7.to mention or talk about
14.understand; find meaning
15.a shared action
16.most important point the author makes
17.who is telling the story
18.to put in different words to make it easier to understand
19.elaborate or expand
22.make plain or define
23.show clearly
25.visual material used to clarify or add text
28.relating what you read to something else you know
32.describe in detail
34.find; point out
36.to make a short description of the main ideas
39.isolated facts that support ideas
40.to show that something is true or correct; hold up
42.the way the author makes the reader feel

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