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4 5              
7             8            
  10     11
12               13       14       15  
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1.Cervix releases "this" when the "water breaks"
5.Time after conception and before delivery
7.A baby is considered this at week 11
8.Nutrient needed for bone and teeth development
9.This is discovered in the 2nd trimester
12.Vitamins that are essential to take to create a healthy baby
13.Medicine delivered to help decrease pain of labor
16.Baby doctor
18.Time that describes the length of a pregnancy
19.This chemical messenger fluctuates after a baby is born
21.Fluid filled sac created to protect the baby during pregnancy
22.6-8 weeks after the baby is born
24.Nutrient that helps to prevent birth defects
25.Chord (tube) that connects the mother to the baby
26.Unplanned pregnancies can result in the baby being delivered as ___
27.Days 1-7 the baby is developing as a ____
2.Labor starts once this is dilated to 10 cm
3.Source of nourishment for the baby in the uterus
4.Symptom of pregnancy in the first trimester
6.Morning sickness known as this can occur anytime
10.Surgical delivery of a baby through the abdominal walls
11.Baby's home for 9 months
14.A test that reflects sound off the inner organs/bones of the baby
15.Test to check for chromosomal abnormalities
17.Mother needs this many extra calories a day
20.There are 2 types of delivery: caesarean and ______
23.After day 7, the baby develops as this

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