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Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

Kenya Ingram

1 2
4 5            
6 7                        
    8   9  
  10   11                   12  
14                         15                          

5.part of Roosevelt's three R's aiming to fix the problems that had caused the collapse of the economy
7.4 days that the banks were made to close in order to recover
11.army of WWI vets that marched on Washington to demand their pensions promised by the government
13.the nickname for any piece of legislation passed by FDR
14.providing money and food directly to the people
15.famous photographer of the great depression era
16.the amendment that shortened the time between the election and inauguration of presidents
18.insures bank account for up to 200,000 dollars
19.the symbol for the national recovery act that businesses would put in their windows
20.the theory that each man can take care of himself without the aid of the government
21.provided a 44 hour work week, minimum wage, and "time and a half" for overtime
22.prominent writer of the depression, wrote Of Mice and Men
23.providing a pension for older people... paid for by the young
1.Part of Roosevelt's three R's, helped to sooth the situation at the immediate moment
2.tasked with raising the prices of crops and meat
3.villages made of cast out undesirable items
4.president who replaces hoover and whos legislation was know as the New Deal
6.provided jobs for massive construction jobs such as roads or dams
8.provided small construction jobs but mainly provided jobs for artists
9.gave young boys jobs "Boyz in the woodz"
10.One of Roosevelt's three R's. the portion of legislation for helping to prevent this from happening in the future
12.the amendment that repealed prohibition
17.makeshift blankets of newspaper
18.president Roosevelt's radio broadcasts to comfort the nation on a daily basis

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