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Science EXAM Terms/Definitions

Mrs. Betts, Grade 7

2   3 4
5               6                 7 8
14       15                
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        21 22  
  23                         24  
  25   26                          
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35                   36        

5.WHMIS symbol is a flame on top of an "o"
6.WHMIS symbol is liquid being poured onto a hand (or a skeleton hand)
10.WHMIS symbol looks like three curved horns
11.means "can be dissolved"
12.all matter is made up of ____________ particles
13.the substance that does the dissolving
14.the lightest of the three states of matter
15.WHMIS symbol is an "R" with a test tube in the middle
17.the process used to make alcohol pure
19.a mixture where you can see all the different parts
23.the process used to separate tree sap from water
26.matter that has only one kind of substance
28.WHMIS symbol looks like a test tube
32.the process used when cleaning a litter box
33.WHMIS symbol is a flame
34.a mixture of two or more things, but it looks like only ONE
35.a planned Science class activity in order to find out information
36.the hardest of the three states of matter
1.the building blocks of all matter
2.WHMIS symbol is an upside down "T" with a dot on the bottom
3.when gas changes to a liquid
4.the particles are always ____________
7.the substance that dissolves
8.record how something looks, tastes, or smells
9.claiming a product will do something that is not always the actual result
16.when liquid changes to a gas
18.anything that takes up space
20.when applied, it makes particles move faster
21.when liquid changes to a solid
22.WHMIS symbol is a skull and crossbones
24.there are ________________ between particles
25.a solution that is capable of dissolving MORE solute
27.when two or more things move against each other
29.when a candy disappears in your mouth, it has ________________
30.a solution that can NOT dissolve anything else (it's "full")
31.the more fluid of the three states of matter

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