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Power & Authority, Grade 7

Mrs. Betts

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1.a system of government that is ruled by a King/Queen, through birth
2.a system of government where leaders are elected and influenced by the people
8.to make someone act, look, and think exactly like you
9.federal act that regulates the lives of First Nations peoples in Canada
10.the act of murdering a leader
13.a body of people that are in charge of running a larger group of people
14."First Nation" replaced THIS word in the 1970s
16.the type of power where you use violence or take things away
17.the part of government in charge of healthcare, education, and welfare
20.one of the greatest dictators in history
23.where First Nations peoples believe they get their authority from
24.what people in a democracy do to make a decision
25.the part of government in charge of laws, courts, and immigration
26.the process of candidates, speeches, and voting
28.a group of people that have certain things in common
29.a law that is made only for a specific town
30.another term for "pioneers" or "early Europeans"
31.Nobody is in charge!!
1.the part of government in charge of libraries, snow removal, and recycling
3.a person who runs in an election
4.a place where First Nations children were taken to learn the White Man's ways
5.the right of Aboriginal peoples to possess land
6.a formal agreement between two or more nations
7.a system of government where only one person has power, and rules by force
11.the type of power where you use bribes
12.nobody can take these away from you
15.the ability to control people or situations
18.a system of government that is ruled by a family, military, or religious group
19.power that is recognized by those who have it and those who are influenced by it
21.what you are allowed to do, according to your country's laws
22.who kings and queens believe they get their authority
27.the town where the Quebec government tried to build an 18-hole golf course

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