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6           7     8  
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2.That pushed-in nose, those expressive forehead wrinkles
6.Honored in its native land as a national treasure,it is the largest Japanese breeds belonging to the spitz family of dogs.
10.Little dog, whose breed name may derive from the island of Malta
11.Member of the bichon family that is native to Cuba
13.An inquisitive extrovert. It's the smallest member of the spitz family of dogs, with the characteristic prick ears, a pointed muzzle and a plumed tail carried over the back.
14.Nosy and scent-obsessed with velvety ears and a freckled muzzle
16.A water retriever that gets all "dolled" up.
17.What can fit in a coffee cup but take over a whole room
18.75 pounds of a snuffling, well-muscled, tough-guy dog that wants to be friends.
20.Short-legged dogs once used in Europe to hunt badger and fox
21.Developed in England to hunt by sight, they were bred down from the Greyhound Known as the “poor man's racehorse,”
2.Good sense and a dignified, even temperament mark this locator
3.They will retrieve all day: balls, sticks, and even children
4.This powerful dog has been used to track large game and sled dog able to transport heavy loads over rough terrain.
5.Famous for its spots and known as the "Firehouse Dog"
7.One of the world's fastest dogs
8.Eagle eye,dignified posture, formidable intelligence among the world’s most trainable and reliable police, military, search-and-rescue and service breeds
9.It has beautiful, butterfly-like ears
12.Known as the barkless dog of central Africa
14.Animated powder puff that was brought to the European continent from the Canary Islands during the 14th century.
15.German for "whiskered snout," also in Giant and Miniature size
19.This Chinese darling has a luxurious long coat and dotes on the family

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