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¡La comida!

Srta. Engle

Learn about basic foods.

1 2 3 4 5
    6                 7
  8               9  
14     15
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    20       21    
  24         25    

6.These are made from corn masa and usually have cheese or chicken.
8.A sweet, bubbly drink usually drunk at lunch.
10.These can be scrambled, fried, or boiled.
11.A typical "American" lunch and fast food.
12.You usually eat this on your birthday.
13.You eat these for lunch.
16.A tortilla with meat, salsa, veggies, and cheese.
17.Eaten with hamburgers.
21.These small fruits come in a bunch.
22.A fruity breakfast drink.
23.A sweet, frozen treat.
24.Either a crispy snack or a small, sweet dessert.
1.One of these fruits a day keeps the doctor away.
2.This can be eaten with fruit or granola.
3.Usually paired with cereal.
4.A sweet, hot drink for when it's cold outside.
5.You drink this with cream or sugar.
7.A dairy product that is melted on top of other foods.
9.A tortilla with cheese.
14.This citrus fruit makes a very popular juice.
15.These are eaten with syrup or whipped cream.
18.These fruits can be eaten fresh or with cream.
19.This is eaten with milk.
20.This fruit is eaten during the summer.
25.A hot morning drink.

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