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LCG Solution

These are all techniques

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2.To assess the ability of a potential vendor to meet commitments regarding a product or service
3.Means to elicit ideas and attitudes about a specific product, service or opportunity in an interactive group environment
5.To describe the required qualities of a system, such as its usability and performance characteristics
6.To measure the performance of solutions, solution components, and other matters of interest to stakeholders
9.Helps to support decision-making when dealing with complex, difficult, or uncertain situations
10.A systematic approach designed to elicit information from a person or group of people in an informal or formal setting by talking
11.Best way to determine if the organizational units or people listed have any unique needs and interests that should be considered
12.Defines key terms and data relevant to a business domain
15.Intended to produce a broad or diverse set of options. Brainstorms help answer specific questions
19.The most effective way to deliver high quality requirements quickly
21.Shows how the behavior of a concept, entity or object changes in response to events
23.A technique that governs decisions in an organization and defines, constrains, or enables organizational operations
28.Used to describe the scope of analysis or the scope of a solution
29.To understand how work that involves multiple roles and departments is performed within an organization
30.Means to elicit requirements by studying available documentation on existing and comparable solutions and identifying relevant information
31.Best technique to document stakeholders that falls outside the scope of the solution but still interact with it in some way
32.Forecasts the cost and effort involved in pursuing a course of action
33.The most useful tool for a business analyst to take into account attitudes or the ability of key stakeholders to participate in the initiative
1.Used for identifying changes to business analysis processes and deliverables that can be incorporated into future work
3.Best technique that can be used to facilitate an understanding of the work at a sufficient level of detail to enable estimation of tasks
4.Tool to quickly analyze various aspects of the current state of the business process undergoing change
7.Identify elements that interact between solutions and/or solution components and define requirements that describe it
8.Used to communicate, verify and validate requirements
13.Used to model usage by showing the information passed between objects in the system through its execution.
14.Best technique to identify the underlying cause of failures or difficulties in accomplishing business analysis work
16.Describes how an actor interacts with a solution to accomplish one or more of that actor’s goals, or to respond to an event
17.Describes the roles of those involved in business analysis activities
18.Brief description of functionality that users need from a solution to meet a business objective
20.Means of eliciting requirements by conducting an assessment of the stakeholder’s work environment
22.Shows how information is input, processed, stored, and output from a system
24.Best technique to gather feedback from a large number of stakeholders
25.Best used to track possible changes and ensure that a decision is reached
26.Performed to compare the strengths and weaknesses of an organization against its peers and competitors
27.Describes the concepts relevant to a domain, the relationships between those concepts, and information associated with them

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