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Pot-pourri 1

LCG Solution

2   3 4
5                               6
  7                                 8                
      10             11                    
    12     13     14
15                                   16       17                
    20                         21    
23                   24                    
            25       26
  27                 28 29  
30     31                  
  34     35                  
37                       38                                    
    39           40    
44                                         45                  

5.Set of capabilities a solution must deliver in order to meet the business need
7.The analysis of discrepancies between planned and actual performance, to determine the magnitude of those discrepancies and recommend corrective and preventative action as required
8.Something that identifies a specific numerical measurement that indicates progress toward achieving an impact, output, activity or input
10.The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements
11.Technique that helps to gain a qualitative understanding of how stakeholders view the value of a solution after implementation
15.Set of tasks and techniques used to maintain the communication among stakeholders and also used in order to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization
16.The number of employees a manager is directly (or indirectly) responsible for
18.The activity to identify the stakeholders who may be impacted by a proposed initiative
20.The section of a process model that shows which activities are performed by a particular actor role
23.The ability to document the forward traceability of a requirement
24.Something that occurs to which an organizational unit, system, or process must respond
33.The statements of the needs of a particular stakeholder or class of stakeholders
36.The behavior and information that the solution will manage, or to describe the capabilities the system will be able to perform in terms of behaviors or operations
37.The user of a product or service delivered by an organization
38.Test cases that users employ to judge whether the delivered system is acceptable
41.The set of tasks and techniques used among stakeholders to gain understanding of the structure, policies, and operations of an organization and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals
44.Requirements that have been demonstrated to deliver business value and to support the business goals and objectives
45.The systematic and objective assessment of a solution to determine its status and efficacy in meeting objectives over time
46.The ability to document the backward traceability of a requirement
47.The subset of non-functional requirements that describes properties of the software’s operation, development, and deployment
48.Person accountable for the solution scope and also responsible for approving the prioritization of requirements and changes to them
49.Term used to describe a higher level business rationale that, when addressed, will permit the organization to increase revenue, avoid costs, improve service, or meet regulatory requirements
1.Making the comparison of the current state and desired future state of an organization in order to identify differences that need to be addressed
2.The area undergoing analysis that may correspond to the boundaries of an organization or organizational unit
3.The activities performed to ensure that a process will deliver products that meet an appropriate level of quality
4.The features and functions that characterize a product, service or result
5.Rules that determine when something is or is not true or when things fall into a certain category
6.The work that must be performed to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions
9.The state or condition the business must satisfy to reach its vision
12.Term used when creating working software in multiple releases
13.Skill that addresses the need to listen to and understand the audience, understanding how an audience perceives the business analyst
14.Meeting a business need by resolving a problem or by allowing an organization to take advantage of an opportunity
17.Stakeholder who helps to keep the solution functioning, either by providing support to end users or by keeping the solution operational, on a day-to-day basis
19.Statements articulated by a stakeholder that have not been analyzed, verified, or validated
21.Something that visually depicts the span of control of a particular manager or organizational unit
22.The money and effort already committed to an initiative
25.The business benefits that will result from meeting the business need and the end state desired by stakeholders
26.The process of determining the relative importance of a set of items in order to determine the order in which they will be addressed
27.Standard name use in models to describe the human and nonhuman roles that interact with the system
28.Tests , written without regard to how the software is implemented that show only what the expected input and outputs will be
29.What quality characteristic of requirements requires that the business analyst logically structure the requirements
30.Type of requirements that are developed and defined through Solution Assessment and Validation
31.Requirements that have been shown to demonstrate the characteristics of requirements quality
32.The process of checking that a deliverable produced at a given stage of development satisfies the conditions or specifications of the previous stage
34.The stakeholder, assigned by the performing organization, to manage the work required to achieve the project objectives
35.The type of questions that should be used when developing request for proposal (RFP)
39.The process of checking a product to ensure that it satisfies its intended use and conforms to its requirements
40.The number of occurrences of one entity linked to a second entity in a data model
42.Requirements that are the output of 'Manage Requirements Traceability', which clearly defines relationships to other requirements
43.Work carried out for (or on behalf of) others

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