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Pot-pourri 2A

LCG Solution

1 2
3 4 5                                   6  
7             8  
      11                                       12
15                                       16                      
22       23         24
  25                               26      
    27     28        
    33               34                              
35                         36                      
37                     38                        

5.A technique that gives insight into entities that support and oppose a change
7.A stakeholder, person, device, or system that accesses a system
9.Any effort undertaken with a defined goal or objective
11.An analysis model in table format that defines the events (i.e., the input stimuli that trigger the system to carry out functions) and their responses
13.How business analysts prioritize and progressively elaborate stakeholder and solution requirements in order to enable the project team to implement a solution that will meet the organization's need
14.An underlying competency that supports the business analyst when working with large numbers of stakeholders, and involves both the ability to work as part of a larger team and to help that team reach decisions
15.Defines an organization’s current and future state, including its strategy, its goals and objectives, the internal environment
16.An assessment of the costs and benefits associated with a proposed initiative
17.Any methodology that emphasizes planning and formal documentation of the processes used to accomplish a project
20.A stakeholder with specific expertise in an aspect of the problem domain or potential solution
22.A system of programming statements, symbols, and rules used to represent instructions to a computer
25.A type of diagram that shows objects participating in interactions and the messages exchanged between them
30.A type of high-level business requirement that is a statement of a business objective, or an impact the solution should have on its environment
31.An analysis model that illustrates the architecture of the system’s user interface
32.An analysis model that shows user interface dialogues arranged as hierarchies
33.A stakeholder who authorizes or legitimizes the product development effort by contracting for or paying for the project
34.An evaluation of proposed alternatives to determine if they are technically possible within the constraints of the organization
35.An analysis model showing the life cycle of a data entity or class
36.A target or metric that an organization seeks to meet in order to progress towards a goal
37.A type of peer review in which participants present, discuss, and step through a work product to find errors
38.Capability that must be met or possessed by a solution or solution component to satisfy a contract, standard, specification
1.An organization’s business processes, IT software and hardware, people, operations and projects, and the relationships between them
2.A use case composed of a common set of steps used by multiple use cases
3.An analysis model that describes the tasks that the system will perform for actors and the goals that the system achieves
4.Any unique and verifiable work product or service that a party has agreed to deliver
6.A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result
8.A technique used to understand influencing factors and how they may affect an initiative
10.Influencing factors that are believed to be true but have not been confirmed to be accurate
12.A stakeholder who provides products or services to an organization
15.Limitations placed on the solution design by the organization that needs the solution
18.An interface with other systems (hardware, software, and human) that a proposed system will interact with
19.Limitations on the design of a solution that derive from the technology used in its implementation
21.An informal solicitation of proposals from vendors
23.An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, will affect the goals or objectives of a proposed change
24.Assessment of the effects that a proposed change will have on a stakeholder or stakeholder group, project, or system
25.An actor who participates in but does not initiate a use case
26.A unit of work performed as part of an initiative
27.An analysis model that describes a series of actions or tasks that respond to an event
28.Any limitations imposed on the solution that do not support the business or stakeholder needs
29.A system trigger that is initiated by time

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