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Pot-pourri 3

LCG Solution

1 2 3
5       6
7                                     8  
  11 12      
    13                             14                
            18 19
    20 21                                  
              22 23  
      24                                   25  
      26     27                          
    28                   29   30            
    31         32            
34                                 35
          36             37
38   39                                        
        41 42                                
44                             45                    

4.A simplified representation of reality developed to convey information to a specific audience
7.A prototype that dives into the details of the interface, functionality, or both
9.A real or virtual facility where all information on a specific topic is stored and is available for retrieval
10.A stakeholder responsible for assessing the quality of, and identifying defects in, a software application
13.A diagramming technique used in root cause analysis
14.A process in which deliverables are progressively elaborated upon, each delivery being a subset of the overall project deliverables
16.A solution that meets the business and stakeholder requirements, which are frequently divided in sub-categories
21.A set of user stories, requirements or features that have been identified as candidates for potential implementation that are prioritized and estimated
24.A brief statement that describes the why, what, and who of the desired software product from a business point of view
27.A document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project, and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities
28.A partial or preliminary version of the system
33.A non-proprietary modeling and specification language used to specify, visualize, and document deliverables for object-oriented software-intensive systems
34.A stakeholder having legal or governance authority over the solution or the process used to develop it
36.A solution or component of a solution that is the result of a project
39.A model that shows a shallow, and possibly wide view of the system’s functionality, but which does not generally support any actual use or interaction
40.A generic name for a role with the responsibilities of developing and managing requirements
42.A business model that shows the organizational context in terms of the relationships that exist among the organization, external customers, and providers
43.A list and definition of the business terms and concepts relevant to the solution being built or enhanced
44.A model that defines the boundaries of a business domain or solution
45.A group or person who has interests that may be affected by an initiative or influence over it
46.A set of defined ad-hoc or sequenced collaborative activities performed in a repeatable fashion by an organization
47.A list and definition of the business terms and concepts relevant to the solution being built or enhanced
48.A specific, actionable, testable directive that is under the control of the business and supports a business policy
49.A group of related tasks that supports a key function of business analysis
1.A deficiency in a product or service that reduces its quality
2.A set of written questions to stakeholders in order to collect responses from a large group in a relatively short period of time
3.A person or system that directly interacts with the solution
5.A software requirement that limits the options available to the system designer
6.A fixed period of time to accomplish a desired outcome
8.A continuous process of collecting data to determine how well a solution is implemented compared to expected results
11.A means to elicit requirements of an existing system by studying available documentation and identifying relevant information
12.A classification of requirements regrouping capabilities of the solution to get from the current state of the enterprise to the desired future state
15.A link between two elements or objects in a diagram
17.A defined association between concepts, classes or entities
18.A brief statement that states the business need, identifies key stakeholders, and briefly describes the positive impact that meeting the business need wil have on those stakeholders
19.A condition or capability needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective
20.A deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of all that needs to be executed by the project team that defines the total scope of the project
22.A diagram defined by UML that captures all actors and use cases involved with a system or product
23.A group of related information to be stored by the system that can be people, roles, places, things, organizations, occurrences in time, concepts, or documents in data modeling
25.A formalized and repeatable business analysis approach
26.A requirements document issued to solicit vendor input on a proposed process or product, and is used when the issuing organization seeks to compare different alternatives
29.A function in an organization that enables it to achieve a business goal or objective
30.A prototype used to quickly uncover and clarify interface requirements using simple tools, sometimes just paper and pencil
31.A requirements document issued when an organization is seeking a formal proposal from vendors
32.A small group of stakeholders who will make decisions regarding the disposition and treatment of changing requirements
35.A set of processes, rules, templates, and working methods that prescribe how business analysis, solution development and implementation are performed in a particular context
37.A document or collection of notes or diagrams used by the business analyst during the requirements development process
38.A high-level, informal, short description of a solution capability that provides value to a stakeholder
41.A collection of interrelated elements that interact to achieve an objective

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