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Algebra Vocabulary


Algebra vocabulary review

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8.An equation in the form y-y2=m(x-x1)
9.An expression finding the square of a number
11.A linear equation written y=mx+b
12.The most basic function, y=kx
14.The number part of a term with a variable
15.The relationship of two variables x and y, xy=k
16.An equation that can be written in the form ax+by=c
18.A probability based on a repeated number of trials
19.How far a number is from zero
21.Rise over run, the change of y over the change of x
23.A property that can be used to find the product of a number and a sum of numbers
24.The integers that are less than 0
27.The side opposite the right angle of a triangle
29.The input variable of a function
30.zeros, the solutions to polynomials that equal zero
31.A mathematical sentence using the greater than or less than sign
32.Pairing exactly one input with one output
35.A selection of objects in which order is not important
36.A monomial or a sum of monomials
38.What the four regions of the coordinate plane are divided into
42.An x-value for a graph, the solution(s)
45.The rules for order of operations
46.An equation whose graph is a straight line
47.A number that cannot be written as a fraction
48.A number in the range
49.The set of all outputs of a function
50.A function with a graph that consists of isolated points
52.A mathematical sentence formed by placing the = symbol between two expressions
53.A term with a number but no variable
1.The expected probability, all outcomes equally likely
2.A graph used to determine whether there is a relationship or trend
3.An expression that includes at least one variable
4.Does not graph a straight line
5.The pairing of a set of inputs with a set of outputs
6.When a quantity grows by the same percent over equal time periods
7.An outcome or a collection of outcomes
9.The comparison of two numbers using division
10.When a quantity decays by the same percent over equal time periods
12.A number that is the square of an integer
13.A number in the domain
17.The relations of two variables x and y, y=kx
20.The relationship between paired data
23.The set of all inputs of a function
25.A function with a graph that is unbroken
26.The output variable of a function
28.An arrangement of objects in which order is important
33.The graph of the inverse variation
34.A fraction that compares two quantities measured in different units
37.A letter that is used to represent one or more numbers
39.A polynomial with three terms
40.The zeros of a quadratic equation
41.The lowest or highest point on a parabola
43.The number inside a square root symbol
44.The y-coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the y-axis
51.An expression that represents repeated multiplication

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