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1         2       3   4  
5   6       7          
  9 10                  
12 13   14   15     16        
    19   20          
  21   22               23          
25   26     27           28      
30             31 32  
    33       34            
  36             37        
    38 39        

1.dirty air or dirty water.
3.a place where people put their money.
6.a place to study after high school.
8.stealing, robbing or killing.
9.a place where people park their cars.
14.you take it when you don't have a car.
16.a place to walk the dog.
17.a place where people walk next to the road.
20.a short sleep.
21.a place to get something to eat.
23.go left or right.
24.where you can shop.
26.a time when everybody is going to work at the same time .
28.you take it when you don't want to take your car.
30.a place to learn history.
33.what you do at a department store.
34.you take planes there.
36.a place to see a show (US spelling).
37.a place where you pay for a room.
39.a narrow street behind a building.
40.a place where you can dance.
2.too many cars in a small street
4.many sounds.
5.a place to see a film.
7.different sorts of amusement.
10.a home in the city.
11.synonymous of "police station".
12.a place where you can read a book.
13.the Big Apple.
15.very tall buildings.
18.a word to express interdiction.
19.a place with many shops in one building.
22.a place where you can watch a football match.
25.what you can do on a bench.
27.a place to go when you are sick.
29.an underground form of transportation.
31.government official in charge of a city.
32.a place where people can drive fast.
35.a lot of people.
38.the opposite of "yes".

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