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Exam 4 Puzzle

Dr. Lily Iskhakova

1               2 3
4   5    
6   7                     8                 9
    11                   12                    
        13     14          
15             16                       17                
                  18       19
        20       21    
                22 23      
                  25                 26    
  27   28                          
30     31 32                                   33    
34               35       36                    
37                                 38        
39       40                       41
44     45                        
        46 47                
        49                 50            
  52             53       54     55      

1.Cytokinesis of animal cells produces this
7.A phase in cell cycle when cytoplasm and organelles are divided among 2 daughter cells
8.A sequence that is added to the 3' end of mRNA that helps mRNA exit the nucleus
10.A segment of RNA that is cut out
11.The budding center for all microtubules
12.A phase in the cell cycle when a single cell possesses 2 nuclei
14.A process that can allow a tRNA anti-codon to bind to a non-specific codon
15.Proteins that protect single stranded DNA from random hydrogen bond attachments
18.An RNA molecule that is used to build the ribosome
24.A sequence found on the promoter, where transcription factors and RNA polymerase bind
25.A modification added to mRNA that helps in ribosome-attachment
28.A sequence of RNA that codes for a single amino acid
29.A structure made of RNA and protein that translates an mRNA into polypeptide
32.A double stranded, antiparallel, helical structure
34.Cell division that produces haploid daughter cells
36.A product of translation
37.Two strands of identical DNA strands that are copies of each other are also called
40.Process of making another copy of a whole DNA molecule
42.A molecule that contains a nitrogenous base and a sugar, but no phosphate group
43.Cell that are used in reproduction
44.An enzyme used in transcription
47.Pairing of 2 homologous chromosomes
48.An enzyme that relaxes over-twisted DNA
49.A temporary structure formed during crossing over
50.An enzyme that initiates replication by constructing a small segment of RNA
51.Cell division that produces daughter cell identical to each other and the parent
52.Process of making a polypeptide from an mRNA
54.A starting point of translation
55.A molecule that is the product of transcription and is used to make a protein
56.An enzyme that cuts out mutation in the DNA
1.A phenomenon where homologouos chromosomes switch parts of arms
2.A product of transcription
3.An enzyme that unwinds the DNA during replication
4.Type of microtubules that attach to other microtubules from opposite side of cell
5.Two DNA molecule that possess same genes but different alleles
6.An enzyme that seals the gaps between Okazaki fragments
9.In addition to building DNA from 5'-3' end DNA polymerases also have this ability
11.Cytokinesis in plant cells produces this
13.Cytoskeletal structures that pull chromosome during cell cycle
16.Process of making an RNA copy of a small segment of DNA
17.A DNA sequence that is transcribed as part of the 3' end of mRNA to which the PolyA-tail is added
19.A phase in cell cycle when chromosomes line up in the center
20.A process that can allow a single gene to make many protein products
21.An enzyme that creates a complementary DNA strand during replication
22.Terminal sequences of chromosome
23.Starting point of DNA replication
26.A part of chromosome where cohesins bind 2 sister chromosomes together
27.A single monomer of DNA
30.A segment of RNA that is expressed
31.An enzyme that replaces the RNA primer with DNA during replication
33.A phase in cell cycle when DNA is replicated
35.An enzyme that catalyzes polymerization of a new DNA strand
36.A phase in cell cycle when DNA condenses
38.A mechanism that cuts out introns and connects exons
39.Type of microtubules that attach to centromere
41.A protein that is used to make a nucleosome
45.Starting point of transcription
46.A phase in the cell cycle when chromosome separate
50.An RNA fragment that is required for DNA polymerase to build the complementary strand
53.A molecule that carries an amino acid to the ribosome

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