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Diarthroses (Synovial) Joints

Mrs. Thompson

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2.joint classification based on the number of bones involved
6.the largest joint in the body; (hinge joints) movement restricted to flexion and extension (knee and elbow joints)
7.joints that have "ball and socket" movement including flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, circumduction and rotation
9.(ellipsoidal joints) movement includes flexion, extension abduction adduction and circumduction: e.g. the wrist joint
14.combination of flexion, extension, abduction and adduction with rotation
15.first word that means "joint"
17.another name for joints that are diarthroses joints
18.the ______________ supply of a synovial joint comes from the muscles initiating the action
19.(pivot joints) movement includes one bone pivoting around another
20.freely movable joints (singular)
21.bending movement that decreases the joint angle
22.the study of joints
1.opposite of flexion
3.joints that involve three or more articulation surfaces: e.g. the wrist joint
4.(gliding joints) movement restricted to gliding and sliding (mostly sideways) within a single plane
5.joints that involve two or more articulation surfaces and an articular disc or meniscus: e.g. the knee joint
8.second word that means "joint"
10.motion that brings limb away from your body's midline
11.opposite of abduction
12.freely movable joints (plural)
13.joints that involve two articulation surfaces: e.g. the hip joint
16.turning a joint

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