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Weather Dynamics

Miss Knoblauch

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1.weather maps that show what is happening at a specific point in time in the past
4.measures the water content of snow
7.atmospheric altitude that spacecrafts would be seen at
9.transfer of energy by means of waves
10.the type of front when two air masses collide quickly and can cause significant storms
12.transfer of energy through contact; collision of particles
13.the layer of the atmosphere that contains the highest concentration of ozone
20.prevailing winds help distribute this from the equator to cooler parts of the globe
22.the winds that Christopher Columbus took advantage of when he sailed to North America
24.clouds at the highest altitude
25.when a moving object in a rotating system changes direction
31.highest altitude in the atmospheric layers
32.clouds at the lowest altitudes
33.relative moisture in the air
34.set of environmental conditions over a long period of time in a wide region
35.weather maps that show what potentially could occur
1.height above sea level
2.used to measure the amount of rain in a period of time
3.winds that affect large areas
5.type of cloud that usually indicates rain, hail, snow, or lightning storms
6.study of how the motion of water and air causes weather patterns
8.used to measure atmospheric pressure
11.the change in temperature over a distance
14.prevailing winds are caused by Earth's eastward rotation and this
15.when a liquid's or gas' particles gain energy and their movement increases; this movement happens in a cyclical motion
16.material that absorbs energy and as a result becomes warmer
17.used to determine the altitude of clouds
18.someone who studies weather patterns; possibly a forecaster
19.colour on radar detection screens that indicate the most recent lightning strikes
21.used to measure wind speed and wind direction
23.covers a large area of Earth's surface and when warm air comes into an area usually dominated by cold air
26.clouds at a mid-latitude range
27.layer in the atmosphere that protects Earth from UVA and UVB rays
28.strong winds located in the troposphere that reach speeds of 110-320 km/hr
29.the temperature at which the air can no longer hold its moisture and snow, hail, or rain occur
30.conditions encountered in a smaller region on a day to day basis

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