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Get to know your body

Ian Baldridge

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4.______________ is important to joint health, as it acts as a shock absorber and permits limited amount of movement at the joint.
6.If you’re body is that of a child, or an adult female, or if you have the scalp of a balding male you probably have ______ hair in the aforementioned areas.
9.The secretions of our skin have a low pH which helps protect the most superficial of organ systems. These secretions come together to formed what is known as the ____ ______ which helps defend against bacteria. (2 Words)
10.The only example of _________ are the articulation of a tooth with its bony alveolar socket.
11._______ nerve fibers are richly supplied in synovial joints that innervate the capsul, that also help with pain detection and monitor joint position and stretch.
13.Minimizing wear and tear, the _________ discs improve the fit between articulating bone ends, making them more stable.
14.If you have cartilage that is growing from lacunae-bound chondrocytes then you are looking at this type of growth. ____________
17.The cells that form bone by secreting the bone matrix are known as ___________.
19.Often called “wear-and-tear” arthritis, ______________ is the most common chronic arthritis.
20.Not just an awesome insult or put-down a ____ can result from intense heat, electricity, radiation, or even certain chemicals.
21.Providing a stable and smoothly operating hinge, the _____ joint only allows flexion and extension movements.
22.If you have melanocytes in your skin (you do) you have a chance of developing a dangerous cancer known as a ________ anywhere there is pigment.
23.Baseball players rely on ______ tone to help reinforce their shoulders to prevent injury.
26.Flattened fibrous sacs, also known as ______, are fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane.
28.Stability has been sacrificed to make the shoulder joint, or ___________ the most freely moving joint in the body.
29.If you ever get burned and it has you concerned, there’s basic rule you should’ve learned. The volume of fluid can be computed by using the rule of _____....ed. Didn’t rhyme.
30.A ballerina is more likely to use _______ flexion, which is depressing the foot, or pointing the toes.
1.John got a job over spring break helping his dad with his landscaping business. John’s primary task was digging irrigation ditches. This caused a thickening of the epidermis of his hands also known as a/an ______.
2.Even humans need a little help gripping the things we interact with. This traction can also be very identifying ________ ______. (2 Words)
3.The jaw joint, or _________________ joint is a modified hinge joint that is known to cause severe headaches.
5.The __________ is the subcutaneous tissue just deep to the skin.
7.When chewing gum you use _________, which means lifting a body part superiorly.
8.When running you are likely to ______ your ankle, which happens when the ligaments reinforcing a joint are stretched or torn.
12.A writer uses the __________ movement, which allows us to touch our thumbs to the point of our other fingers of the same hand.
15.A runner uses ____________, meaning that they are lifting their foot so that its superior surface approaches the shin.
16.The __________ covers the entire external surface of the bone except for the joint surfaces.
18.When a football player hurts his knee, he is likely to tear the ______ collateral ligament.
24.The coarse, long hair of the eyebrows and scalp is known as ________ hair.
25.The degree of burn that injures both the epidermis and the upper region of the dermis.
27.Knee joints have cushioning _____ pads between the fibrous layer and the synovial membrane.

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