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Lilita Rubīne

transportation vocabulary

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4.A large boat for transporting people or goods by sea
6.A boat that transports passengers and sometimes also vehicles, usually across rivers or short stretches of sea.
7.This vehicle has two wheels and a motor
9.This vehicle takes people where they want in return for money
12.This vehicles takes sick or injured people to hospitals
14.American English for "tram"
15.This vehicle runs along railway
16.This vehicle is powered by electricity and has two poles
17.You travel in it over water using oars, sail or engine
18.A truck whose carrying part can be tipped backwards
21.This vehicle has two wheels and two pedals
23.A powerful vehicle usually used on farms
1.This vehicle is powered by electricity and has one pole
2.A vehicle for putting out fires
3.American English for "dustcart"
5.Policemen drive it
8.A comfortable bus for long journeys
10.A vehicle with wings to fly through the air
11.A four wheel powerful vehicle often used by the military
13.This vehicle has no side windows and is used for transporting goods
18.This vehicle collects the garbage from outside people's houses.
19.American English for "lorry"
20.A small bus for about ten to fifteen passengers
22.A large vehicle for transporting goods

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