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SAT L8-13 Puzzle

Kelly Taylor

1 2               3
4         5        
    8       9
    10 11       12  
13   14              
16                   17   18            
            20 21
    22                   23          
  24             25       26 27              
    28     29                  
30   31                    
33                   34   35         36
38               39   40        
  41   42 43              
44     45              

2.to form a mental picture
4.very wicked; notorious
6.a small amount
7.to send out; to give forth; as in sound or light
8.to complain or find fault in a petty or nagging way
11.to calm down
14.to waste time
16.shameless boldness
18.kind; compassionate
19.to attack the reputation of; to speak ill of
22.to concoct; to make up a story in order to deceive
23.a deceptive outward appearance
24.one who receives benefits
27.to tear (flesh) jaggedly
28.conceited; having excessive self-love or admiration
30.feeling great dismay or horror
34.no longer in existence
37.having a bad taste or smell; spoiled
38.a line of people or vehicles
40.to produce; to make happen
42.easily angered
44.arrogant; proud
46.to become weak or feeble; to lose strength
47.to collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor
1.having a similar origin, nature, or character
2.emotionally excessive; overly demonstrative
3.a feeling of uneasiness
5.spotless, perfect
9.to mourn
10.to scold or rebuke severely and at length
12.to pretend
13.a beginner
15.to lie
16.to draw into a conflict or fight
17.something existing outside of its proper time
18.a great or complete destruction of life
20.an aristocrat
21.warlike; relating to the military
25.rude and disrespectful
26.lonely; forlorn; uninhabited; barren
29.universal; wide-ranging
30.to hint at; to refer to indirectly
31.a sermon
32.a slavish follower
35.capable of error
36.someone or something a person cannot conquer or achieve; a hated enemy
39.deadly; fatal
41.to act slavishly submissive
43.great destruction; chaos
45.to stare with an open mouth

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