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SAT Lesson 1-5 Puzzle

Kelly Taylor

1 2 3    
4 5                  
      7   8
9           10                  
  11         12           13      
14                 15     16             17
19                   20            
21         22     23    
25                 26    
        27   28
29           30          
33         34          

2.a brute; a large monster; a frightful giant
5.to besiege by encircling (as with an army)
9.anything that destroys, prevents growth, or causes devaluation
10.personal appeal or attraction; magnetism
11.to exchange words; to discuss casually
12.cowardly and treacherous
14.equally skilled with either hand
16.dreamily thoughtful
19.to hypnotize
20.a large, elaborate structure, an imposing building
21.a witty saying expressing a single thought or observation
24.a scarcity; a lack
25.no longer used or useful; very old
30.a narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief
32.morally unrestrained
34.to escape notice; to get away from
35.anything having existence, either physical or mystical
1.uninterested; listless
3.to please
4.a maneuver or action used to gain an advantage
6.a slow person, especially one who falls behind
7.the main point
8.to attract by offering reward or pleasure
13.an occupant; an inhabitant
15.marked by a conspicuous, showy, or pretentious display
17.a funeral rite or ceremony
18.to obliterate; to wipe out
22.to turn away feelings or affections
23.inactive; unproductive
25.to recommend; to speak in favor of
26.to mislead; to fool
27.to eat or swallow greedily
28.worn out; dulled, as from overindulgence
31.to sharpen
33.obligated loyalty or faithfulness

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