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Electricity and Magnetism

PCHS Science

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2.Property that causes subatomic particles to attract or repel each other
7.The difference in electrical potential energy between two places in an electrical field
8.A device that uses an electromagnet to measure small amounts of current
11.A material that can be magnetized because it contains magnetic domains
13.Electric circuit with two or more paths through which charges can flow
15.The relationship between voltage, current, and resistance, stating that V = I x R
16.A continuous flow of electric charge
17.Charge acquired by the transfer of charge without contact between materials
18.A force associated with charged particles, which has two aspects, electric force and magnetic force
20.A region that has a large number of atoms with aligned magnetic fields
22.Charge acquired by rubbing two substances together, causing a transfer of charge
25.(AC) a flow of electric charge that regularly reverses its direction
26.A device that uses an electromagnet to turn an axle
27.A region of space that exerts electric forces ion charged particles; a field produced by electric charges or by changing magnetic fields
28.Electric circuit with one path through which charge can flow
30.Regions of a magnet where the magnet's force is strongest
31.The force a magnet exerts on another magnet, on iron or a similar metal, or on moving charges
32.The rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy
33.A solenoid with a ferromagnetic core
34.The transfer of excess charge through a conductor to Earth
1.A device that prevents overheating due to current overload in a circuit
3.Charge acquired by touching a charged object
4.A material through which electric charge can easily flow
5.A complete path through which electric charge can flow
6.The study of the behavior of electric charges, including how charge is transferred between objects
9.A material through which electric charge cannot easily flow
10.A coil of current-carrying wire that produces a magnetic field
12.A field in a region of space that exerts magnetic forces; a field produced by magnets, by changing electric fields or by moving objects
14.A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy
19.A switch that opens when the current in a circuit is too high
21.The force of attraction or repulsion between electrically charged objects
23.(DC) a flow of electric charge in only one direction
24.Potential difference, or the difference in electrical potential energy between two places in an electrical field
29.Opposition to the flow of charges in a material

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