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Plant Parts


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1.mature ovary, seed
4.the male element that carries the spores in the fertilization of the egg nucleus in the ovule of a flower
5.small, green, leaf-like structure found on the base of the flower
7.Group of sepals on a flower
12.flower that lacks either stamnes or pistils
13.the female element of a flower; composed of stigma, style, and ovary
15.designation a flower that has stamens but no pistil and hence is imperfect
16.the uniting of pollen and ovule cells
18.a flower that lacks one or more of the four organs: sepals, petals, stamens, or pistils
21.the body that, after fertilization, becomes the seed
22.a chemical process that takes place in living cells whereby food is burned to release energy and waste products
24.the reroductive structure of a seed-bearing plant, cinsisting of the male and/or female organs that are surroinded by one or two series of outer coverings
26.designating a flower that has a pistil or pistils but lacks stamens; an imperfect flower
28.process by which green plants, using chlorophyll, and energy of sunlight produce carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide
29.a flower containing sepals, petals, stamens, and at least one pistil
31.a substance present in all green plants; it is the green coloring in the leaves
36.tube formes following the germination of a pollen grain when grain resides on the stigma of a flower
37.subtance necessary for the functioning of an organism
1.the part of the stamen of a flower that is below the anther and supports it
2.the transfer of the pollen from the anther to the stigma of the flower
3.percentage of seeds that sprout and begin the grow
4.a flower with bothe stamens and pistil or pistils
6.the receptive surface of the female organ of a flower that recieves the pollen
8.sprouting of a seed, beginning plant growth
9.the organ of a flower which bears the pollen consisting of the stalk and anther
10.union of egg and sperm to reproduce a seed or fertilized egg.
11.The saclike part of the stamen on seed-producing plants that develops and contains the pollen
14.the making of a new plant or animal
17.in the pistil of a flower, the part between the ovary and the stigma
19.the portion of the pistil or arpel of a flower that contains one or more ovules
20.a division if a flower inside the calyx; a unit of the corolla
23.An organism in its earliest stages of development
25.minute objects within plant cells that contain green pigment, chlorophyll
27.any herbaceous plant whose fruit, seeds, roots, tuner, bulbs, stems, leaves, or flower parts are used as food.
30.collectively, all the petals on the flower
32.the lower portion of a plant bearing neither leaves nor reproductive organs thats mostly develop underground and anchors the plant in the soil
33.the embryo of a plant, also kernel of corn, wheat, etc.
34.a flattened outgrowth from a plant or stem, varies in size and shape and is usually green
35.stalk, trunk, branch of a plant. can be vertical or horizontal

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