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Animal Anatomy


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3.region of the tarsal joint in the hind leg of a horse or other quadruped
5.concerning, involving, or made up of both the muscles and the bones.
7.the degree of fatness
9.choosing certian individuals for breeding purpose in order to propagate or improve some desired quality or characteristic in the offspring
10.pertaining to the kidneys or the surrounding regions
11.degree of muscle
14.distinct part of a plant or animal that carries on one or more particular functions
16.system of nerves and nerve centers in and animal and human
19.standard of judgement or criticism
20.science that deals with the function of a plant or animals body and its organs, systems, tissues, and cells
21.to examine and judge carefully; appraise
24.an internal secretion; hormone
25.the structure of organisms
26.the changes that food undergoes within the digestive tract to prepare it for absorption and the use in the body
1.the type, form, and shape of the live animal. perfermance characteristic
2.the organs of the body, either male or female, concerned with proudcing offspring
4.a type of diagram that shows various relationshipd between concepts.
6.the pulsatory mobement of the blood in the body
8.combinition of skin, hair, coat, head, throatlatch, feet, and bone structure
12.pastern from the knee to the fetlock in the front legs or the hock to the fetlock, ankle or pastern in the rear legs
13.in animals, the act of breathing
15.the skelatal and muscular make-up of an animal, which gives the animal visual appeal
17.amount of body volume
18.degree or amount of fat on a breeding animal
22.a piece of the skeleton of a verterbrate
23.designating an animal lacking in condition of flesh or finish

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