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ella ryder

a fun and calming crossword to make you get into crosswords so get into them

1                 2
  3       4
6 7      
  8                   9    
    10       11    
13                   14  
15   16 17        

1.a thing that is on 4 wheels and is quite small
3.something that holds your filling in a sandwich
5.something with elastic bands that you can make bracelets with
8.a little present to have at easter
9.something that stores your music in
10.a comfy thing to rest your back on when tired and whacked
13.a bed where one person can sleep at night
17.a thing which does not exist on planet earth only in space
18.a place where you can sleep at night in a house
19.they come in lots of different flavors and their crisps and they begin with p
2.a bed where two people can sleep at night
3.something where you can grab a book and read
4.something that little girls where in the summer sun
6.something to go squelching in the mud with
7.a cosy thing to rest your head on at night and sleep
11.something that is like an i pod but is a phone
12.something used to wipe up in the kitchen
14.an electronic device with a big screen and a remote control
15.something to have when you are thirsty
16.a person who cares for you when you are sick and need a hug

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