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8-1.3 Early Settlers to South Carolina

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3.This was another name for French Protestants
5.Early Americans who would travel constantly looking for food, and then moved to a new place when the food ran out.
6.These 8 men received land in South Carolina from the King of England
8.In 1652, Jean Ribaut and some pioneers created Charlesfort for which country?
11.This is the word to describe when one thing is exchanged for another
12.As settlers began to settle further back into the back country during the 18th century, they found the largest and most influential Native American tribe.
15.This became the first permanent settlement in the New World in 1607
16.This was a group of people who were already living on the American continent when the first Europeans arrived.
17.This country established the city of San Felipe on the coast of the Carolinas.
19.This country was able to create the first permanent settlement
21.Many of the English settlers came from this country and they brought their knowledge of the plantation system with them.
23.The emergence of this created a constant food supply and helped the Native Americans to stop living as hunter-gatherers.
1.These were people coming to the New World who paid for their ticket to cross the ocean by agreeing to work for several years without pay
2.The first colonies in America were not made by the English government, but by private corporations that received these from the King giving them permission to start a settlement.
4.An economic system in which a country regulates trade and closely monitors imports and exports from the colony
7.This was brought by European settlers and caused the Native American population to decrease drastically
9.The early hunter-gatherers who were constantly moving around, could be considered this
10.The Native American tribe that originally came to South Carolina from Florida.
13.Southern colonies thrived by growing crops that were profitable because of slavery and this system.
14.Spanish explorers were known as :
17.The major flaw with the plantation system was that it relied on this type of labor which became an issue in the south for two hundred years.
18.The settlement of Jamestown struggled until they learned how to grow this crop which made huge profits when it was sold to England.
20.In order to increase control over the colonies, the king sent a royal official to rule over each group of the colonies
22.This tribe lived in the northwest part of South Carolina, called the River People, and did not have much contact with the first explorers.

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